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Originally from Chicago, currently living in Brooklyn. My music posted here is all original content.

The first piece of music I wrote was only a few bars, but for my math oriented mind, it was as exhilarating as solving a calculus problem. Something clicked,  I’ve been writing ever since.  I started out  playing classical piano, then pop, then on to ragtime. In high school I began studying jazz.  Since then, I’ve played and toured with bands across a wide variety of genres.  Currently, I am composing and playing in Lady Moon & The Eclipse and composing and producing for Cambodian American singer, Bochan.

Music composition is  my life’s passion. I’ve written scores for full-length plays in New York, as well as in L.A., and in San Francisco.  Over the past few years, I have also composed scores for numerous films, including Rules of The Game (premiered at Lincoln Center and selected at Cannes), Sin MatadorAmateur Dictator (recipient of the audience choice award at the Austin Film Festival) and The Comedy Club, as well as composed for commercials.

I love to tell stories through  my music.  Our songs are our stories and just as we all have stories, we all have songs. 

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